Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Make Mine Extra Timid

Rick Johnson has left a new comment on your post "Bring Back the General Synod":

Please remove my blog from your listing in the sidebar. It's mostly family stuff and local church matters. Besides it's creepy that you decided to post a picture of my granddaughter and I think inappropriate. I would have emailed you privately but because of the anonymous nature of your blog, that is not possible.

Thank you
Rick Johnson


When someone publishes a blog, it is public, unless certain measures are taken. The favorite blogs list simply uses the URLs already available. The staff at Timid Lutherans did not post your granddaughter's photo. You did.

We find it creepy that you published her photo and tried to saw we did. Not so. Blog links pick up photos automatically, if coded correctly.

To fix your situation, change your post.

To make your blog private, talk to the blog host.

Rick, all the bigshots are behind me. You should be honored.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bring Back the General Synod

I was hiding for a while, afraid someone would find out who I was.

I stumbled on the Wikipedia article about the General Synod.

Those were the days. Everything is falling apart, but I think the GS model would work today. In fact, it already is, thanks to all my backers and friends.

The idea is to call ourselves Lutheran while using all the cool ideas from the Reformed. We do not have to deny the Sacraments. We can just downplay them. Why lose potential members from having a communion service on Sunday?

Why call it communion? That irritates our prospects and they call it Catholic.

We always say the Lord's Supper, which can be understood correctly. I love that phrase.

The liturgy is an adiaphoron, so we seldom use that.

The Creeds are old and dusty, so I make things up or get them from the Net. I love copy and paste. If someone is offended, I act offended. Are you calling me a false teacher? That quiets them down fast.

The GS model allow us to study at any seminary we wanted to. We could worship with any denomination that suited us. And we could read any book that helped us.

In fact, we are already doing that. But don't tell anyone. Join the Timid Lutheran army. We work by stealth.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Have Followers And Mail

I have 10 followers now, but they are not my famous ones. The influential ones and I form a mutual admiration society. They are not going to name themselves anymore than I will.

They are the synodical leaders, the District Presidents, the professors, the circuit pastors, and above all - the ones who demand respect. We are all working for the same synod, in case you need to know - the Me Synod.

Burn at the stake, like those dudes in Belgium? Sure, they inspired a hymn no one ever sings, but what else? Are there any library buildings named after them? Are there any other school buildings?

I know for a fact that a man can have a tootsie-wootsie on the side and still have a building with his name on it, while he is living. That is influence.

I want to thank all the Timid Lutherans for your support. You are my silent witnesses.