Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Have Followers And Mail

I have 10 followers now, but they are not my famous ones. The influential ones and I form a mutual admiration society. They are not going to name themselves anymore than I will.

They are the synodical leaders, the District Presidents, the professors, the circuit pastors, and above all - the ones who demand respect. We are all working for the same synod, in case you need to know - the Me Synod.

Burn at the stake, like those dudes in Belgium? Sure, they inspired a hymn no one ever sings, but what else? Are there any library buildings named after them? Are there any other school buildings?

I know for a fact that a man can have a tootsie-wootsie on the side and still have a building with his name on it, while he is living. That is influence.

I want to thank all the Timid Lutherans for your support. You are my silent witnesses.

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