Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Timid Lutherans Take the Pledge

"I am not taking the hit for your issues, you troublemaker."

Already some people sent in the names they want me to list. They added their own comments too.

Joe - "Sign me up. I am sick and tired of people rocking the boat."

Sally - "Debate makes me upset, so I am 100% for what you are doing."

Cedric - "I know all the DPs are on your side. The Holy Spirit picked them and He knows what He is doing."

Bill - "I used to read independent publications and websites, but they got me thinking all the time. I like your approach. I am sticking to synod publications only."

Gertie - "I am so thankful you started this blog. I want to be with it and say I read blogs, but the blogs have all kinds of links that take me here and there. Pretty soon I start to doubt the circuit pastor, and I am his wife. This helps."

Don - "Pure gold."

Lawrence - "From your PC to God's ear, my dear friend."

Mom - "Why don't you write to me, your own mother? I put you through college, seminary, detox, and several 12-step programs. I darned some socks for you. I will phone you. Please pick up this time. Love you to death."


  1. Ah yes, sometimes I too am a "Timid Lutheran." Aren't we all, from time to time? Thanks for giving us a place to rest, refresh, laugh a little, and re-energize our spirits for battle. You are providing an invaluable service. God bless you!

    (opps! I guess I'm suppose to anonymous. Oh well, maybe next time.)

  2. Love and respect are fruits of the Spirit -- but vitriolic attack and slander are where it's at today. Sign me up.

  3. I'll stand with you... when i'm not in public.
    We're secretly unified, and that's enough for me.
    -Rev. Fr. Pr. Dr. "Sontag", PhD, M.Div, M.Ed

  4. WELS Church Guy is on the right track but Anonymouse is bitter and angry. This is a forum to support mild Lutherans who really do not have an opinion. Mouse has a chip on his shoulder, or more like a hissing, venomous dragon.