Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bring Back the General Synod

I was hiding for a while, afraid someone would find out who I was.

I stumbled on the Wikipedia article about the General Synod.

Those were the days. Everything is falling apart, but I think the GS model would work today. In fact, it already is, thanks to all my backers and friends.

The idea is to call ourselves Lutheran while using all the cool ideas from the Reformed. We do not have to deny the Sacraments. We can just downplay them. Why lose potential members from having a communion service on Sunday?

Why call it communion? That irritates our prospects and they call it Catholic.

We always say the Lord's Supper, which can be understood correctly. I love that phrase.

The liturgy is an adiaphoron, so we seldom use that.

The Creeds are old and dusty, so I make things up or get them from the Net. I love copy and paste. If someone is offended, I act offended. Are you calling me a false teacher? That quiets them down fast.

The GS model allow us to study at any seminary we wanted to. We could worship with any denomination that suited us. And we could read any book that helped us.

In fact, we are already doing that. But don't tell anyone. Join the Timid Lutheran army. We work by stealth.


  1. Hello Timmy! Why let communion bother you? I have a solution to your problem. Have you ever heard of Communion Devotion? For example, worship service begins at 10 a.m. and communion devotion is slotted for 9:15 or 9:30. You dig! I hope you do not mind having a lady tell you how to run your church.

    In Christ,
    from WELS church lady

  2. I forgot to say, Church Lady. You are not allowed to call me Timmy. I was baptized Timothy and expect to be called Timothy. It robs me of the dignity I deserve, being head of the Timid Lutherans.

  3. Please remove my blog from your listing in the sidebar. It's mostly family stuff and local church matters. Besides it's creepy that you decided to post a picture of my granddaughter and I think inappropriate. I would have emailed you privately but because of the anonymous nature of your blog, that is not possible.

    Thank you
    Rick Johnson