Monday, June 28, 2010

Finally - Common Sense from a Blogger

Words for Today

"If a cause be good, the most violent attack of its enemies will not injure it so much as an injudicious defence of it by its friends."


  1. HEY! What's the big idea - stealing my stolen quote?! Find your own quotes to steal. It took me a whole ten minutes to find this one. But, ah, can you tell me who this Colton person is/was? Someone asked me and I haven't the faintest idea. But I'm too timid to admit it - so please help me out.


  2. Typical WELS pastor - he expects me to do his research for his own quotation. The author was an English reverend known for aphorisms. I didn't know that. I looked it up on Wikipedia -

    Wash your fingers before you point them at me. (Music Man - inscription on the statue in town square)