Thursday, June 24, 2010

Born To Be Mild - Our Friends the Adiaphora

Philip Melanchthon tried to please everyone.
More should follow his example.

Mild Lutherans know how to use the adiaphora. I was pretty much asleep during seminary - eyes open, but thinking about the Bucks and the Packers. There was a lot of confusing details about the adiaphora, but I learned to use the term often.

Pretty much everything is adiaphora - meaning, we can do what we want. It is good to start with something obscure in the service, like the gradual, if someone objects. Do you use the gradual? Does everyone? Will I go to Hell for not using it? Of course not. After that explanation, whoopee!, if you know what I mean.

If someone insists on something minor, like the liturgy, I can make my eyes flash and talk about legalism and the adiaphora. That is a good way to turn away an annoying question. Instead of me being in trouble, the other person is a potential danger to sound doctrine. I like that.

To fit in, the goal is to blend all the opinions and create as many happy campers as possible. In fact, blended worship is one way to make it happen. A little this, a little that, and pretty soon - whoopee. It takes longer, but it is worth it. The legalists leave and the fussing stops.

I want to be a DP some day and get all that free help, which I will call "reaching out with the Gospel" instead of overhead. To reach my goal I have to be a chameleon so I do not stick out in any way.

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