Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Do You Mean - "Us"?

The Lone Ranger: "The Indians have us surrounded, Tonto."

Tonto: "What do you mean - us - pale face?"

Tonto had the right idea. In any fight, pick the one who is going to win.

It is foolhardy to stand alone and go down for a noble cause.

My DP friends say, "Pick your fights. Pick the ones you can win." I respect that. The Holy Spirit has called them to serve and advise us.

They did not become DPs by taking a stand on any issue. That is their great wisdom.

We cannot have unity unless people work harder at blending in. To be honest, I am alarmed at how people have started to think for themselves. That will only lead to trouble, to splits.

I would rather have a coy unity than a noble split.

My DP friends know how to prevent a division. They are always gathering intelligence from all over, even from Facebook. They know if I have been naughty or nice, and they know who my friends are.

If someone gets his mind bent by Martin Luther or another obsolete figure, the DP finds out who his friends are. Little by little, the trouble-maker is isolated, alienated, and then gone. What a blessing to have such leaders.

Doctrine divides, my friends. We need pragmatists, men (in the future, women) who will do the dirty work to keep the blessed unity we now enjoy.

Join me. Stand down and not be counted. Blend in for peace and unity.

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