Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drama Queens Control the Assembly

"Leave--fill in the blank---alone! I mean it! Stop it!"

I hate to give stuff away, in case the wrong people are reading this.

Drama queens control the assembly, every time.

Me, I just sit back and watch. People think I am wise. I am just thinking about my next vacation.

The drama queens get on the floor and say how scared they are. Or, they order everyone to leave one of our friends alone.

People fall for it. Laugh and people will laugh before they know why they are laughing. That is what laugh tracks are for on TV. Yawn and everyone will yawn.

Ever have someone upchuck near you? The same thing happens. That old throat starts getting ready to expel lunch and breakfast, for no reason at all, except sympathy.

Our drama queens are ready to fire off a salvo of crocodile tears whenever necessary. Debate that one.

I may have to erase this. Too much is being given away.


  1. Timid.

    This is what I am getting from you. So in Lutheranism there is the drama queen group, the timid group where you belong.... and what else?

    I am only getting two groups.

    Help me would you?


  2. The drama queens are part of our method. If anyone questions one of us, someone gets up and gets all Leave-Brittney-alone. Tears have been shed. One of the drama queens this year got up to defend CrossWalk. Another one defended WLC. We are cookin'.

  3. Barnabus, you ain't.

    On the other hand, your ironic blog inspired me to start my own. Your blog made me decided that the high road isn't nearly as fun (or easy) as getting down in the muck with the name-callers. So check me out:

    Much like Ichabod, who is my main interest, I don't plan to tolerate level-headed discussion or theological reproach. I'm mostly trying to propagate distrust and hatred.