Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Need More Schmuckers

We need more Samuel S. Schmuckers.

History bored me in school. I ran into someone knocking Samuel Schmucker on the Net. I had to look him up in Wikipedia.

I had a professor who would not let me use Wikipedia. He was mean. He said it was wrong to copy a Wikipedia article and turn it in as my own work. I changed a few words and I put the link in, which is all I did in most classes.

Someone took me aside and said not to get angry. I could do that all I wanted when I was ordained. That is neat, to realize how understanding the clergy can be. I did not let that fuddy-duddy get to me.

Back to SSS. What a cool name. He had it all figured out. All the Lutherans had to do was drop a few contentious things and we could unite with the Reformed. We have wasted so much time and energy being so picky about doctrine.

Schmucker had a lot of support for a long time. I hope to model my blog after his work.

Since so many Lutheran leaders support me, I am no longer so afraid.


  1. At first I thought this was a joke but I am seeing your blog linked and promoted on other Lutheran sites. I don't know how you think you'll accomplish anything by being anonymous.

    I can understand not wanting to be hounded by people who disagree with you inside and outside your denomination - what is your denomination by the way? - but at some point you need to take a stand and place your name behind your comments.

    Brett Meyer

  2. I would rather stay anonymous. If I told you my synod, that would narrow things down too much.

  3. With a name like Schmucker, it has to be good?