Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mutes Are Cool

I know I speak for a vast number of Lutherans when I support muting the discussions. Let's not look at all sides. Let's just stopping talking about it all.

Go for the middle. The best possible approach is compromise. I am not against dithering, either. Wait and see what happens.

The Martin Luther complex makes me tired. He was lucky he didn't get himself killed. You know you are wrong when you have to be kidnapped to save your neck.

He hurt a lot of feelings. He made fun of the pope and called him names.

Luther called Dr. Eck, a distinguished theologian, Dreck. I am not German so I asked what that meant. I was shocked. No wonder he alienated so many people.

Fortunately we have leaders today who know how to be pragmatic. We do not have to know everything. Keep us happy and contented.

I can read the synod magazine and fall asleep in the La-Z-Boy, calm and relaxed. That is the ideal.


  1. It's not like me to comment more than once a day on a blog but I'm getting disgusted with your approach.

    You state, "I am not against dithering..."

    You need to either stand your ground on Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions or go along to get along with the rest and be food for the hungry apostates.

  2. Timid,

    Some folk told me that Lutherans love theology.

    Your example shows they were just pulling my leg.


  3. Just another blog in a short list of don't offend the offenders because you can't defend the offense given to offenders when they cannot defend their offenses.