Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WELS Joins the KISS Army

I suffer from triumphalism, I know.

My people are swamping your people, and your people are not so daring after all.

There are a lot of people who joined the KISS army. They did not advertise it or put it on their resumes. They are joiners.

People get along by going along. They silence themselves.

I better watch it. My advice is catching on so fast I may not get that coveted position. Free travel. Perks. Acting important. I like that.

How did a no-talent group with bad make-up and silly costumes get filthy rich? You ask? We Lutherans adore mediocrity. It makes us feel safe. Look at our entertainers.

I always tell them how creative they are, how hard they are working to reach out. Who is conning whom? They know.

I changed my location to Vatican City because I live in the Vatican City of one of the Lutheran groups. My observation post allows me to see what is happening in the highways and bi-ways. Vatican City is always where the group rots first.


  1. Read a comment today that is in agreement with your approach

    Pastor Christopher S. Doerr said...
    I wonder how helpful it is to engage in name-calling (whoopee/whoopie worship) or to say that all contemporary worship is based on subjective emotionalism without defining what kind of worship you consider to be "contemporary."

    After reading your article several times, I am not sure what specifically you are trying to condemn.

    For example, are you trying to condemn the use in a Lutheran church service of any song (or "hymn"?) that was written by someone from a sacramentarian or revivalist denomination? That would wipe out 40-50% of the hymns in our hymnal, I would guess off the top of my head. Or maybe you distinguish between adopting these people's hymns and adopting their practices?

    I make a plea for more clarity and specificity and less generalizing and name-calling.
    June 16, 2010 9:57 AM

    Tim, you're the Pied Piper of post Lutheranism.

  2. I like his style. It is good to ask questions while making them accusations. It bothers legalists like you, Brett. You need to relax and become a mild Lutheran like me. You will have more friends and make more money, too. It worked for me.